New This Year!

Several people have asked Andrew to start doing personal coaching for canoe slalom. Steve Senoir in particular sparked Andrew’s interested and we have thus started a new endevor of personal coaching! This includes analysis of where the person is in their slalom skills and creating a work plan to improve; nutritional advice and planning better nutritional habits;  helping the athlete in training with skill exercises; and support during races. Steve our “first” coaching client achieved a top 5 finish at the Gull River Race. Way to go Steve on an astounding success! We are already signing up participants for the coming year! Let us know if you want to take part.



Spring 2011 – Tennessee and Paddle Canada

March Tennessee Trip:

Basement floods a week before we leave for paddling in Tennessee. (BTW we are still finishing renos in the basement). Tennessee was amazing as always. Ended up doing some new creeks as there was a good amount of water that week. The best thing about this trip is reconnecting with the crew in the US. Paddling season had begun!

Paddle Canada:

Andrew has been busy most of the year taking part in the Canoe Program Development committee representing Ontario. The Canoe Instruction Manual came out this spring and he spent time recertifying and conducting PC Instructor Clinics throughout the year.

I obtained my PC Advanced Instructor for both Solo and Tandem canoe last year from PC IT Andy Convery so was quite keen to get some specialized courses going!


Breaking News! Carole finally submits an Update!

I really don’t know how people tweet, blog or spend endless hours in front of a screen. On weekends I’m up at the crack of dawn, usually at the local Home Hardware/Depot by 7am (yep I’m a reno-geek) coffee in hand,  and have half my “to do” list done by 10am. If I can at all help it I’m outside. We don’t watch TV – no time!! So when life gives us the usual challenges (many of which have occurred over the past 2 years) things like this website suffers. The priority list usually goes Andrew, family, Jessie, friends, boating, house renos, garden, admin/house cleaning laundry and well, you see where this is going. Oh yeah. Work fits in there but that is one of those constants. How you folk with kids manage during stressed time lines, I have no clue. Hats off to you.


I warn you now, these will be a long posts that I will enter under different titles. So those of you with “magazine scanning” attention spans should perhaps pace yourselves with one paragraph a day.

Let’s see. If we go by chronological order the following posts will highlight what we have done/seen this year.



Helipress Paddle TV

Heliconia has added a new form of media in their goody bag!  Paddle TV, which features all kinds of short clips on kayaking, sea kayaking, kayak fishing and, of course, canoeing!

Check out this link to see instruction clips from our Canoeing video (full video available through Helipress – second icon found on left side bar of this page)

Once there, you can also click on CanoeTV found under the video screen for more clips.


Amazing Summer!!

No complaints here about the weather we had over the summer.  It will be hard to beat!

Andrew and I have been fairly busy but are now starting to spend time catching up with life. Quick synopsis of the summer:

  • Paddle Canada’s New Canoe Instructor Courses get underway (story coming soon)
  • Andrew gets knee surgery and recovers enough to paddle in the ACA Nationals – with great results (more later including my “recovery” races – and yes there are medals)
  • Vacationing on Les Iles de la Madeleine
  • Great courses given for MKC, and for the YMCCC
  • Visitors from  Belgium
  • Meeting wonderful people along the way!

And now looking forward to good fall paddling on the Moose and Independance next month!



Paddle Canada Canoe Instructor Clinic out West!

May 27 – 30 saw instructors from across Alberta, and some from BC through to Manitoba, meet at Canoe Meadows along the spectacular Kananakis River.  Bringing together nearly 40 instructors and skills candidates, Paddle Alberta hosts wanted to create momentum for the new Paddle Canada Moving Water Instructional Program.  The success of the weekend could be measured by the numerous certifications by beginner to advanced skills candidates as well as new Instructors and Instructor Trainers.


Our hosts were most generous with lots of delicious food including hot soups which warded off the cold temperatures and accumulating snow.  Undaunted, padders took to the many eddies and roller coaster wave trains with snow capped mountains in the background and paddle wielding snowman in the foreground.


The weekend was a terrific success with regard to the new PC program, but most of all I bring home thoughts of new friends and a keen desire to paddle again on the Kananaska River.