Carole Westwood started paddling several years ago after taking a kayaking course with Trailhead in Ottawa. From that moment on, she was hooked, paddling every chance she had, going from avid river runner, to professional ranks in freestyle, and now open boat slalom and creeking.

Carole Westwood

“Most people you run into who enjoy the outdoors will tell you the same thing. It becomes a passion. It becomes who you are”.

Carole has taken this passion and has given it wings, either in several podium placings in freestyle, and canoe slalom, to championing the quality of kayak instruction in Ontario.

Her paddling has brought the community closer to the sport in many ways, either by introducing kayaking or canoeing to others, or by encouraging people to participate in the great outdoors.

Carole has had much media coverage in several paddling magazines and interviews with CBC/Radio Canada. More recently, she has embarked on a new project with husband Andrew; the writing of instructional paddling books.