Schedule for 2013!

The following are courses and trips that we will be participating in or conducting. Hope to see you on one of them!

2013 Slalom Coaching Series

This summer long coaching series offers 4 days of clinics (Apr 20, May 25, June 22 and Aug 24th) devoted to slalom techniques, racing strategy, mental preparation for racing and practice drills. We will also look at ideas for cross training and nutrition when training for racing.  Max 8 participants. $600/person Contact us through the Contact Page for more information


May 4 – 5  Paddle Canada Advanced Solo/Tandem Instructor Recertification 

at MKC on the Madawaska River

For more information go to:


May 10 – 13 Paddle Canada Atlantic Paddle Symposium St John, New Brunswick

Both Carole and Andrew are invited coaches to conduct whitewater canoeing clinics

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June 15 – 16 Advanced Solo Whitewater Canoeing

RACCC – Ottawa’s Canoe and Camping Club (formerly the YCCC)

Must be a member to participate


June 29 – July 1  Solo Whitewater Canoe Slalom Racing Clinic

RACCC – Ottawa’s Canoe and Camping Club (formerly the YCCC)

Must be a member to participate


July 12 – July 14  2013 ACA Open Canoe Slalom Nationals & North American Championships – Wausau, Wisconsin

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July 15 – 17 Open Canoe Slalom Camp and Race

An excellent opportunity to be coached, and videoed. Evening sessions will include video analysis, stretching, physiology and nutrition. This camp leads up to the MKC’s annual Slalom Race on the Wednesday. See link:


July 26 – 28th Weekend on the Dryway, Deerfield River, Massachusetts


Aug 12 – 16 NEW THIS YEAR!  THE DREAM RIVER TRIP – Prepare for your Big Adventure & How to paddle with Partners !

When canoeing solo or tandem, well-honed paddling skills and excellent communication are vital to a great day on the water.  Whether a day trip or a multi week adventure, you need to develop strategies to navigate through rapids.  Effective water reading, boat maneuvers and stroke placement leads to success when running

rapids.  Understanding your role within a group or with your partner also contributes to achieving the most from any day on the water.  We will explore methods of river reading, maneuvering in rapids as well as mental preparation and effective communication skills for the journey. Join noted canoe adventurers Andrew and Carole Westwood for 5 days of fun and discovery on both the Madawaska and Ottawa Rivers !

at MKC

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