One word describing Costa Rica? Fabulous!

Why so fabulous?

entertaining rivers

jungle rain forests

confident personable guides looking after all the logistics

wildlife and birds unlike anything at home

accommodation that was comfortable in a wilderness setting


Costa rica has everything going for it. Rivers can be handpicked for every skill level. Rivers paddled include different sections of the Sarapiqui, Pacuare, and the Reventazon.  Jim Coffey has all boat types to host every boat style from solo to tandem, openboat, kayak, and for those wanting a day off, a trip in a raft! For us, paddling in shorts and rash guard while neighbors back home dug out from under snow drifts and bitter cold temperatures only made this destination more satisfying! If your a paddler too and can book off a weeks holiday next year you have to see Costa Rica with Esprit. In fact we will be going again next Dec 28 – Jan 3 2015. Hope to see you there!

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