Tennessee Spring 2013 – both a great and tragic time

Here we are traveling down again for the spring exodus to good padding and warmer weather! Nothing feels quite as wonderful as shedding the winter gear and donning on sandals, shorts and TShirts. Mind you, we are Canadian. It would be just above freezing and we would still wear the sandals at least! Free the Toes!

It’s all about the paddling, really. A smorgasborg of rivers all for the taking for all levels and tastes. All you have to do is connect with a few key people and your on your way for a great day of paddling!

The towns around are also beginning to notice the positive impact on tourist dollars coming in, and for the first time, the Lenoir City Visitors Center is taking an active part in promoting the event and giving paddlers deals for lodging and a place to gather in the evenings to talk of the day’s adventures. This year is drawing paddlers from Europe and the Canadian North. Who knows. Maybe next year it will draw in people from all over the world!

Unfortunately we lost one of our friends, Dr. Steve Senior to the river. It happened as a freak accident on a section of rapid that we all swam before and never thought it held any consequence. Steve was having a great day and his paddling was strong. He had the strongest and most experienced paddlers in river rescue with him and although their efforts were heroic , they were not able to rescue him in time.


Our hearts go out to his friends and family and are convinced that his spirit of excellence in all he did will live on.