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Video: Solo Canoeing – Carving using 2X4

This video is a must for solo open boat control!

This describes a modern approach to solo canoe carving turns used in catching eddies and front ferries. Learn how to carve arcs using 2X4 and acronym C.A.P.T. into and out of eddy pools, maintain momentum, and use bow waves to control your solo canoe.


Video: Tandem Canoe Eddy Turns – Carving Using MITH

This video is a modern approach to tandem canoe eddy turns. Learn how to carve arcs using MITH into and out of eddy pools, maintain stability, momentum, and the individual roles of bow and stern paddlers.



Videos: Tandem Braces and Front Ferry

Here are our two most recent instructional videos. Have a great summer!




Video: Essential Strokes for Tandem Maneuvers

Here is the first of our videos: Essential Tandem Canoe Strokes

Hope you enjoy it!



Exciting and new for 2017!

This year is shaping up to be one of our best. As well as teaching and racing at various locations, we will be starting a series of short whitewater technique videos to help people improve their paddling.  Stay tuned!

Get the MO!

Want to make those moves each time? Check out the Techniques page for tips on gaining sweet momentum!

Costa Rica!!!

It’s confirmed! We’ll be in Costa Rica as guest instructors with the Esprit Crew and Jim Coffey Dec 31 2016 – Jan 7th 2017. We’re booking our tickets today. Wanna join us? Check out the site for itinerary, lodging and if your a group of 5 or more there’s a discount!
Can’t wait!


Spring has Sprung!!!

Well, it’s trying to anyway.  It IS still March after all!

Andrew and I have been planning for the coming paddling season and will be updating the calendar page shortly. This year will see us going to the Yough, Madawaska, Wausau Wisconsin, Alberta, Manitoba and Vermont (just to name a few).   Looking forward to doing another cross Canada trip!

We’ll post information as we get it.

Paddle safe!


A Successful ACA 2015 NORAMS!

With about 80 slalom paddlers, clear warm weather, 5 days of water releases, a delicious banquet dinner, and many generous volunteers making it all happen, the 2015 ACA North American Open Canoe Slalom Championships was deemed a huge success. This was no doubt because it attracted such wonderful people, canoeists from all over, to an annual event that highlights great paddling, camaraderie and exciting slalom competition. Seeing old friends, making new ones and sharing the passion for the sport drives events like our slalom race, and as is our custom, many are already looking forward to next year’s race.

All seem to agree that this year’s race on the Madawaska River proved highly entertaining by providing both a challenging race course, and, a true downriver competition with current from the top to the bottom of the run. Whatever stands out in your memory, be it the surf to gate 12 or perhaps a dry line in Staircase, we hope that with the race behind us, that your recollections are positive and bring a smile as you recall your week at MKC.

Many thanks go out to the MKC team for supporting the administration of the event, preparing a wonderful banquet dinner and supporting the race activities.  Special thanks to Claudia Van Wijk for agreeing to hosting the race, freeing up MKC from its weekly instructional business so that we could have the site all to ourselves, was a treat for all attending slalom canoeists.

And finally, Carole and I would like to repeat our strong appreciation to all those who helped us run the race. As you no doubt will recall (if you were present at our awards ceremony) there were many, many generous folks that worked hard behind the scenes to make this event happen. Organizing the race was an enjoyable task in large part because it drew together a dedicated group of paddlers and friends who committed to doing one or more of the many tasks needed to host this race. If anyone out there is thinking of taking a turn in the future, I recommend it – supporting the paddling community maybe the heart of the job, but the memories and satisfaction may stick with you forever.

Looking forward to our next slalom event, so long for now.

NORAMS coming soon!!!

So if your wondering what we’ve been up to, updating this webpage wasn’t one of them! Andrew and I have been planning/organizing/having loads of fun! (truly) the ACA NORAMS coming to MKC. Here’s the link to the webpage and Face Book page: