Welcome to Westwood Outdoors’ Current Ideas!

Welcome to Westwood Outdoors’ Current Ideas!

With the change of seasons comes a time to collect out thoughts, reminisce about the past year’s adventures and all the people that we’ve met. Although we’re gearing up for the XC ski season, we’re still thinking about paddling. Well, who ever really stops thinking of paddling?

We often get questions about our technique videos asking to explain something in greater detail.

So, voila!

We will begin posting short notes pertaining to paddling techniques that you can further link to our videos, or get more clarity about why certain techniques work the way they do.

We’ll also add tips that you may not have thought of!

Who said physics class was useless? Now cuddle up in a warm blanket, favourite beverage in hand and let’s visualize together! The first issue will be out this Friday. Stay tuned!