Schedule of events and courses 2014!

The following are courses and trips that we will be participating in or conducting. Hope to see you on one of them!

Slalom Coaching Series

This year we’ve decided to do a Coaching on the fly style using clinics and short courses for those wishing to improve their slalom technique or would like to improve their river running by using the same skills as one would use to paddle slalom – precision! Look at our Westwood Cafe Menu to see what type of course would suit you. Contact us for further info.

April 26 – 27  MACKFEST 2014 

Hwy 7 rivers: Beaver and Black

Marmora, Ontario

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May 3 – 4  Paddle Canada Advanced Solo/Tandem Instructor Recertification 

at MKC on the Madawaska River

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May 10 – 11 Gateway to Better River Running

Build river running skills not by the school of hard knocks, rather, refine skills by running gates on relatively safe slalom courses. Repeat practice tunes your technique – besides, wouldn’t you rather miss a gate than splat a rock?

RACCC – Ottawa’s Canoe and Camping Club (formerly the YCCC)

Must be a member to participate

May 31 – June 01 Essentials of Water Reading

Tap into the power of water; its wave featues, current lines and eddy pools,  by using colour and texture to read all that the  river has to offer.

RACCC – Ottawa’s Canoe and Camping Club (formerly the YCCC)

Must be a member to participate


June 28 – June 30  Dryway of the Deerfield River Release

Deerfield River, Massachusetts

Event full


July 7 – 11 Open Canoeing Unplugged!

Join Andrew and Paul Mason, as they present their own personal interpretation of Solo Open Boating sharing their secrets of how to go magically fast, make seemingly impossible moves using water features, or perform 360 spins, while still finding the time to throw in a little creeking, slalom and lots of river running! 


July 7 – 11 Paddling with Carole Westwood

Carole has been an avid paddler for over 20 years, excelling both in whitewater kayak and canoeing. Noted for her acute eye in water reading, she excels in many environments from river running, creeking to slalom racing and finding the most efficient lines. Teaching others how to do this effortlessly is a passion. She has been Kayak Chief Instructor for WO and is an  Advanced Instructor for Canoeing for Paddle Canada. She has also garnered many podium finishes Nationally and in North America in canoe slalom races. Join her at MKC for a week of honing your canoeing skills!

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July 18 – 22 Alberta Paddling Trip

Schedule TBA. Contact Haskins Canoe at:


Aug 11 – 15   THE DREAM RIVER TRIP – Prepare for your Big Adventure & How to paddle with Partners !

When canoeing solo or tandem, well-honed paddling skills and excellent communication are vital to a great day on the water.  Whether a day trip or a multi week adventure, you need to develop strategies to navigate through rapids.  Effective water reading, boat maneuvers and stroke placement leads to success when running rapids.

Understanding your role within a group or with your partner also contributes to achieving the most from any day on the water.  We will explore methods of river reading, maneuvering in rapids as well as mental preparation and effective communication skills for the journey. Join noted canoe adventurers  Andrew and Carole for this 5 days of fun and discovery on both the Madawaska and Ottawa Rivers !

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 Sept 13 – 14  GULL River Race
Gull River, Minden ON