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Aug 12 – 16 NEW THIS YEAR! THE DREAM RIVER TRIP – Prepare for your Big Adventure & How to paddle with Partners !

When canoeing solo or tandem, good paddling skills and excellent communication are vital to a great day on the water.  Whether a day trip or a multi week adventure, you need to develop strategies to navigate through rapids.  Effective water reading, boat maneuvers and stroke placement leads to success when running

rapids.  Understanding your role within a group or with your partner also contributes to achieving the most from any day on the water. During this course you will:

– hone your WW skills whether intermediate or advanced

– be shown river reading strategies
– be learning how to manage the trip on the river as either a participant or leader
– learn ways on how to communicate with a paddling partner
– learn how to anticipate and deal with different issues that may come up on a trip
– have a great time!
You need not be with a partner to benefit from this course. The information is good knowledge for any paddling person to have!
 Join noted canoe adventurers Andrew and Carole Westwood for 5 days of fun and discovery on both the Madawaska and Ottawa Rivers !

For more information go to: www.owl-mkc.ca/mkc/canoe_tripping.html