MKC’s 40th Anniversary!

August was quite memorable especially being at MKC with past and present alumni for 5 days of teaching and ending on the weekend with the Anniversary celebration. Over 300 instructors, and staff with their families attended, some of which worked at MKC from the very first days in 1972. It was for us a truly magical time. For Andrew it was reconnecting with people he had taught with since 1992-93 – so over 20 years! For me, I was in awe as most of my relationship with MKC was through the instructor programs with Whitewater Ontario, and had not spent much time at the facility proper. It was wonderful to see so many people share the same teaching philosophies, camaraderie, and how MKC played an important part of each of these persons’ lives in some form or another. (Not to mention recapping the past practical jokes!!) Thanks to Claudia and Dirk for making MKC – OWL what it is today.