Update – Massechusetts July 2011

We were invited to the Deerfield river to teach a course on the Dryway section by Ken Glusman. Having never been on this section, we were quite excited by the prospect! It definitely has some creeking aspects to it and draws in the use of river scouting, and quick manoeuvering to get must moves – a perfect playground for advanced instructing!! We started the 3 day course honing down precision paddling skill and used the Zoar Gap eddies as targets for manoveuring. Our group consisted of Ken, Deb Riel and Rod Sleith, Barry Kesselman, Tom Sawyer and Charlie Sweet. Our proud supporters were Ellen Glusman, Diane Sawyer, and Julie Sweet who joined us for the apres-canoe! Thanks for the good times, victuals, toasts and lovely conversations!