Breaking News! Carole finally submits an Update!

I really don’t know how people tweet, blog or spend endless hours in front of a screen. On weekends I’m up at the crack of dawn, usually at the local Home Hardware/Depot by 7am (yep I’m a reno-geek) coffee in hand,  and have half my “to do” list done by 10am. If I can at all help it I’m outside. We don’t watch TV – no time!! So when life gives us the usual challenges (many of which have occurred over the past 2 years) things like this website suffers. The priority list usually goes Andrew, family, Jessie, friends, boating, house renos, garden, admin/house cleaning laundry and well, you see where this is going. Oh yeah. Work fits in there but that is one of those constants. How you folk with kids manage during stressed time lines, I have no clue. Hats off to you.


I warn you now, these will be a long posts that I will enter under different titles. So those of you with “magazine scanning” attention spans should perhaps pace yourselves with one paragraph a day.

Let’s see. If we go by chronological order the following posts will highlight what we have done/seen this year.